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Тур "Два берега  одной страны!"   На  транспорте заказчика!  

Наш экскурсовод встречает туристов после переезда с Таманского полуострова в Крым 
по Крымскому мосту  и сопровождает группы от 2-х и более туристов по всему маршруту в Крыму. 


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Туры и экскурсии по Крыму на иностранных языках. 
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Crimean Highlights

5 days/4 nights with accommodation in Feodosia and Sеvastopol

English- speaking guide  (or  German -, French-, Italian-, Spanish-speaking  guide) is available

Day 1

On arrival at Simferopol airport you will be met by a local guide and taken by coach, mini bus or car to Feodosia. Accomodation at the local hotel. Lunch at the hotel

Take a sightseeing tour of Feodosia, a cultural and resort center of the South – Eastern Crimea. Explore rich historical heritage of  the town founded by the Greek colonists from Miletos in the 6th century B.C. Visit the National Picture Gallery that houses a superb display of masterpieces by Aivazovsky, an outstanding master of seascapes, honorary member of 5 European Academies of Art, the creator of 6,000 canvases. It boasts the biggest in the world collection of paintings by Aivazovsky  – 417 marine pictures. Further on visit the Museum of  Underwater Archeology to see unique artifacts raised from the depths of the sea. 
Take a sightseeing tour of Feodosia

The museum is located in the unique Stamboli Villa built in the early 20thcenturyfor a  rich tobacco manufacturer.  This impressing and fanciful  palace amazes with its architecture: terraces, roofed galleries, turrets and patio fountains. Bright ornamental decorations resemble traditional Oriental arts, as the owner was  Karaite. Return to the hotel. Overnight in Feodosia.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Sudak, a city – legend of former epochs and civilizations. Discover the South – Eastern Crimea, the area inimitable in its beauty, glorified by Homer and situated close to the Medieval Silk Road to China.

Visit the symbol of Sudak, the Genoese Fortress, one of the most interesting Medieval fortification monuments in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will explore defensive walls and  towers, a mosque, the Consul’s Castle, the mysterious Virgin’s Tower and the Twelve Apostles’ Church located outside the fortress. Enjoy lunch at the local restaurant.

Transfer to Simferopol to take a sightseeing tour of the capital of the Crimea.Visit the Crimean Ethnographic  Museum to get acquainted with cultural traditions of local people. The display features more than 4 thousand exhibits, most of which were donated by local residents. *Optional: Visit Chocolate Museum to taste local chocolate treats and admire  exhibits made of chocolate, including models of world-famous attractions, portraits of prominent persons, etc. Purchase of souvenirs made of chocolate is available. Transfer to Sevastopol. Accomodation at the local hotel. Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, a unique historical & archeological complex, including the excavation site, the Museum of Medieval History, a port, the ancient plots of land of the citizens of the ancient town founded by the Greeks 2500 years ago. You’ll have an opportunity to see an ancient theatre and mint, beautiful mosaics and basilicas, magnificent fortifications and marble columns and also to visit St. Vladimir’s Cathedral built in the 19th century and recently restored. View the place where Prince Vladimir was baptized in 988 thus paving the way to the baptism of Kievan Rus.

Next you will drive to Sevastopol waterfront to  explore Sevastopol historical downtown and visit Count’s Landing Stage - the grand sea gates to the city and the symbol of Sevastopol. From here the ships of the Russian  Navy are seen. Stroll along Nakhimov Square and Maritime Boulevard including a photo stop at the legendary Monument to the Scuttled Ships. Further on  visit the Sevastopol Art Museum named after M. Kroshitsky.   The museum  was based on nationalized in 1920 private collections of the South Coast of the Crimea and collection of imperial summer residence located in the Livadia Palace. During the Second World War, most of the art treasures were saved thanks to the efforts of the Director of the Gallery M. Kroshitsky. Currently, the museum features paintings by the European artists of the 17th-19th centuries and Russian artists of the 18th-21th centuries. Pause for lunch at the local restaurant. . 
*Optional: take a boat tour of Sevastopol Harbours.

Proceed  to Balaklava. Discover unique natural monuments, the majestic ruins of the Genoese fortress and temples associated with poetic legends, and see the harbour of Symbols, glorified by Homer in his famous “Odyssey”. After walking along Balaklava Promenade visit the Museum of Balaklava History  to find out interesting facts about the Crimean War of 1853-1856 and view rarities bought at various European auctions. Return to the hotel.Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel. Departing the hotel your motor coach will leisure­ly make its way to the  Alupka Palace,  the summer  residence  of  Count  Vorontsov,  the  Governor-General of the Crimea of the 19th

century. The parkland surrounding the palace is magnificent, with fine views of the sea and the crags of Mount Ai-Petri towering over the Palace. Next you will continue to old Vorontsov’s wine cellars - the Massandra wine tasting facility in Alupka. During wine tasting you will be treated to ten samples of the fabulous Massandra wines. After that  you will pause at a vantage point overlooking the Cape Ai-Todor to admire a magnificent view of the Swallow`s Nest, a palace with tow­ers and spires, resembling a fairy tale castle which clings to an inaccessible cliff like a real swallow`s nest. This "Castle of Love", designed by architect Sherwood and completed in 1911, has become a true symbol of the Crimea. Enjoy local cuisine lunch at the restaurant.

Further on you will continue to the Livadia Palace, the former summer residence of Czar Nicholas II, and also the site of the Yalta Conference of the heads of anti-Hitler coalition states (the USSR, Great Britain and the USA) in 1945. Designed by Russian architect Krasnov in the early Italian Renaissance style and completed in 1911, the Palace will strike you with its irresistible beauty. Your guide will show you the restored White Hall where the historic meeting between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill was held, the Czar`s Study and Roosevelt`s headquarters. Stroll along the Main Yalta Promenade an enjoy the waterfront.Drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out. Transfer to Bakhchisaray to visit Bakhchisaray Palace-Museum – a unique Crimean Tatar architectural and cultural monument built in the 16th century. The palace became home to a succession of Crimean Tatar Khans. Find out harem secrets of the palace, view the famous Fountain of Tears glorified by Pushkin in his poem. Pause for the Crimean Tatar cuisine lunch. Enjoy a spectacular Crimean Tatar Wedding Show during lunch (the show is available for a group of minimum 15 tourists). Transfer to Simferopol airport. Departure.


Tour price in Russian Roubles per person


2 pax


4 pax


6 pax


10 pax


15 pax


20 pax


25 pax


30 pax


35 pax


40 pax

67 500

49 500

42 000

39 000

34 000

32 000

31 500

26 500

29 000

26 000

Tour price includes: 3 star hotel double room accommodation, English- speaking guide  (or  German -, French-,  Italian-,  Spanish-speaking  guide) and transport service, entrance fee to the museums according to the above programme, 4 breakfasts and 5 lunches

Tour price does not include: optional offers marked with*, air tickets to Crimea

Тур "Два берега  одной страны!"   На  транспорте заказчика!  
Наш экскурсовод встречает туристов после переезда с Таманского полуострова в Крым 
по Крымскому мосту  и сопровождает группы от 2-х и более туристов по всему маршруту в Крыму. 
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