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Тур "Два берега  одной страны!"   На  транспорте заказчика!  

Наш экскурсовод встречает туристов после переезда с Таманского полуострова в Крым 
по Крымскому мосту  и сопровождает группы от 2-х и более туристов по всему маршруту в Крыму. 


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Тур на транспорте  заказчика с возможностью  подбора недвижимости в  Крыму!
"Знакомство с достопримечательностями  и рынком недвижимости Крыма!"  



Туры и экскурсии по Крыму на иностранных языках. 
Предлагаем регионам России сотрудничество в создании
комплексных  туров  для иностранных туристов. 


Gourmet Tour of Crimea 

5 days/4 nights with accommodation in Sevastopol

English- speaking guide  (or  German -, French-, Italian-, Spanish-speaking  guide) is available

Day 1

Arrival at the Simferopol airport. Take a sightseeing tour of Simferopol translated from Greek as the city of common good. Discover eventful history of the area since Scythian Neapolis, an ancient capital of the Crimean Scythians who lived on the territory from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD. 

Visit Salon du Chocolat and its Chocolate Museum to learn about chocolate history since the Mayan Indians up to nowadays. Taste local chocolate treats. Purchase of souvenirs made of chocolate is available. Proceed to an ostrich farm to view ostriches and enjoy lunch featuring ostrich eggs and meat dishes at the local café. *Optional: horse riding, donkey riding at the farm.

Экскурсия по Севастополю на иностранных языках

Transfer to Sevastopol. Accommodation at the local hotel. Visit Sevastopol historical downtown and visit Count’s Landing Stage – the grand sea gates to the city and the symbol of Sevastopol. From here the ships of the Russian  Navy are seen. Stroll along Nakhimov Square and Maritime Boulevard including a photo stop at the legendary monument to the Scuttled Ships and World War II Memorial. 

*Optional: take a boat tour of Sevastopol harbours. 

Taste delicious ice-cream made according to the best USSR recipes at the Snowflake Café. 

Return to the hotel. 

Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site - excavation site of Tauric Chersonesos founded by the Ancient Greeks 2500 years ago. Admire beautiful mosaics and basilicas, ancient theatre and mint, view the place where Prince Vladimir was baptized in 988 thus paving the way to the baptism of Kievan Rus. See majestic St Vladimir’s Cathedral built in the 19th century and recently restored.
Экскурсия Херсонес Таврический для англичан

Экскурсия по Балаклаве для французов
Then your coach will take you to Balaklava. Visit the Golden Ravine Winery, observe the vineyards of the Crimean Champagne and sample local sparkling wines. *Optional: discover the art of blending and make your own vintage at the sommelier workshop. Further on take a sightseeing tour of Balaklava - a seaside town with eventful history. View the majestic ruins of the Genoese fortress associated with poetic legends and see the harbour of Symbols, glorified by Homer in his famous “Odyssey”. 
*Optional: visit the former top secret submarine repairing facility inside the rock on the shore of Balaklava Inlet. 
Enjoy fish cuisine lunch at a local restaurant overlooking Balaklava inlet. Take a stroll along Balaklava Promenade to admire scenic waterfront. 

Visit Kamka & Kil craft workshop to see pottery-making, soap-making, oil extraction process and taste sauce made of oil, spices and pink salt. Purchase of essential oils, handmade soap, pottery is available. Drive back to the hotel.

*Optional: visit Sevastopol Dance Theatre performance. Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Take a tour from Sevastopol to Yalta along the South Coast of the Crimea to discover the lush scenic beauty of the Crimean Riviera. Pause at the observation platform overlooking Swallow’s Nest Castle that clings to an inaccessible cliff like a real swallow`s nest.

Visit Livadia Palace, the summer residence of the last Russian Tsar and the site of the Yalta Conference in 1945. Designed by Russian architect Krasnov in the early Italian Renaissance style and completed in 1911, the Palace will strike you with its irresistible beauty. Your guide will show you the restored White Hall where the historic meeting between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill was held, the Czar`s Study and Roosevelt`s headquarters. Enjoy the Russian tsar’s cuisine lunch.
Экскурсия для  американцев Ливадия

Stroll along the Main Yalta Promenade to enjoy the waterfront and discover Yalta historic centre. Continue to the world famous classical wine-making centre, the Massandra winery, manufacturing fine sweet and fortified wines. Many of them were awarded with gold medals at prestigious international exhibitions. Sample the vintage wines at wine tasting.

*Optional: visit Katsiveli for local mussel and oyster tasting with a glass of wine. 

Drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 4

Сафари парк Крым экскурсия для немецких туристов

Breakfast at the hotel. 

Transfer to Belogorsk region to visit Taigan lions safari park that covers an area of about 32 hectares and houses over 1.5 thousand animals and birds, among which the Europe’s biggest lion collection. 

Enjoy Crimean cuisine lunch at the local restaurant. The Crimean cuisine incorporated cuisines of numerous nationalities inhabited Crimea

Visit a farm in the village of Zelenogorskoye to taste local cheese and koumiss – fermented mare’s milk. 

Drive back to the hotel. 

Overnight in Sevastopol.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Bakhchisaray.

Visit Bakhchisaray Palace-Museum - the former residence of the Crimean Tatar Khans and a unique architectural and cultural monument of  XVI-XVIII centuries. Find out harem secrets of the palace, view the famous Fountain of Tears glorified by Pushkin in his poem. Pause for lunch accompanied with a Crimean Tatar Wedding Show

*Optional: visit La Richesse Museum featuring an impressive display of the Crimean Tatar artifacts, prints, paintings, rare geographic maps, antiquarian books dating back to XIII-XX centuries. 

Transfer to Simferopol to the Viking Movie Park. This reconstructed Viking village creates an authentic atmosphere of the Vikings everyday life. 

*Optional: enjoy dinner accompanied with a performance and Viking fighting reconstruction. Transfer to Simferopol airport. Departure.

Tour price is Russian Roubles per person


2 pax


4 pax


6 pax


10 pax


15 pax


20 pax


25 pax


30 pax


35 pax


40 pax

74 000

54 500

49 000

40 500

36 750

37 000

35 000

34 000

30 000

29 000


Tour price includes: 3 star hotel double  room accommodation, English- speaking guide (or  German -, French-, Italian-, Spanish-speaking  guide)  and  transport  service, entrance  fee  to the museums according  to the above  programme, 4 breakfasts and 5 lunchеs

Tour price  does not include: optional offers marked with*, air tickets to Crimea,

mobile tel: 8 978 724 70 54


Минкурортов запустило для туристов "горячую линию" "Вежливый Крым"

Тур "Два берега  одной страны!"   На  транспорте заказчика!  
Наш экскурсовод встречает туристов после переезда с Таманского полуострова в Крым 
по Крымскому мосту  и сопровождает группы от 2-х и более туристов по всему маршруту в Крыму. 
Горжусь Отечеством! 
Роль Севастополя и Крыма в истории России. Подробнее..
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